“Field of Reeds” is part of an ongoing series of installations which explore nature's place within the virtual confinement of the technological screen, echoing nature's place within our own world. The single channel 360 video piece is an expression of a longing for the physical meditative stillness florae possess, allowing the viewer to access this distinctiveness within the anthrosphere they log in from. The piece was conceptualized with the desire of showcasing it online, making it accessible enough for the viewer or online “user” to momentarily escape into a virtual plant habitat from wherever they choose. The restriction of movement and lack of linear narrative within Field of Reeds works as a way to slow down the viewer to a coma-like state, grounding them to exist within the plant realm for a moment, to do nothing perceivably but sway gently in the wind as a plant does. The name for Field of Reeds was concluded from a concept in Egyptian mythology; when one died, it was just purely seen as a transition from one realm to another, where if granted permission from the gods, one could live eternally in a paradise known as the Field of Reeds. This place acts as a mirror image of one’s own prior life on Earth. Field of Reeds' mechanism is to vanish the viewer’s prior state of body and mind, to slow down the digestion of one’s own human life to instead photosynthesize for a moment. During this unprecedented time, we are spending increasingly more time online, further blurring the already indistinct boundaries of reality and the artifice; what can we learn from the stillness of plant life? What if plants act out the invisible physical dimensions of their lives on a different paradigm only perceivable to those who can slow down time enough to see them?