The Skinwalker [2022]
The Skinwalker fuses storytelling and science fiction to embody humankind’s domestication of nature, extending our current dialogue with the ongoing extinction of species to the far future, where humans have evolved to develop a parasitic relationship with animals. The single channel video reimagines the world as a desolate technological playground, disguising itself as a commercial meant for future bodies who wish to buy the Skinwalker 8000, a machine which allows humans (the parasite) to force themselves onto other creatures (the host) for their amusement. The story of the Skinwalker 8000 unravels through eyes of a frog -- in particular, an amphibian, which breathes through its skin. The amphibian is considered a key indicator species amoung scientists; meaning that when amphibians have a reduction in their population numbers, it is usually a sign that the entire ecosystem is in danger -- predicting habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and diseases before it happens to larger bodies within the ecosystem.