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The Cosmic Egg is a non-narrative and abstract adaptation of the mythological motif, the cosmic egg, telling a story with only sounds and drawings. It is said to be at the beginning of the cosmos and universe--from it hatched our beloved seas, earth, oxygen, sun, moon, ritual and spirit. Though the tale of the Cosmic Egg has been told in many cultures and civilizations from around the world, even on all five continents, ink on glass illustrates this dimly coloured adaptation, “Brain Maze” is a multi-channel video installation mapped onto sculptural vessels inspired by the bizarre shapes and habitus of coral. With rising temperatures of the ocean, coral bleaching occurs when water is too warm, causing the corals to expel algae (zooxanthellae) living in their tissues, as a result, a once living and breathing creature who spends most of its life clothed in brilliant colour is turned white. verging many ideas from different cultures, instead of holding true to only one, celebrating the human experience not as a singularity, but as a whole.