L.U.C.A., 2023

Virtual Reality Installation

Music: Jorge Luis García González

L.U.C.A. is a virtual reality installation inspired by the Last Universal Common Ancestor theory, which postulates that one organism is the ancestor of all life on Earth. H eavily processed found sounds ranging from machine guns to bird songs expand upon the idea of interconnectedness while viewers can come and go, by travelling both in and outside of the body of a creature of unknown origin. Inspired by Laurie Spiegel’s Unseen Worlds, sonic elements propose a mix of natural and artificial sounds that aim to portray the soundscape of the ecosystem living inside L.U.C.A. Visual elements for L.U.C.A. remain largely speculative while deriving inspiration from the existing morphology of bacteria, protists, and yeasts in an attempt to fuse the boundary between the inner and outer self.