Last Species on Earth, 2022

4 minute multi-channel video loop, 17 minute audio loop, 2 video displays, 86” plasma television, inflatable led-lit armchairs, colored sand

Music: Philippe Lambert

Last Species on Earth is a 4-minute looping video installation with an accompanying 17 minute audio piece exploring the tragic beauty of genetically modified organisms. Portaying a future where genetically altered nature is the norm, it visualizes a scenario where animals, through heavy genetic modifications and breeding, have evolved to become accessories to humans. Last Species on Earth follows the story of the last two remaining organisms of their kind (inspired by Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto) who resemble severely inbred designer animals found within our own world, echoing mankind’s attemps to patent and control life, particularly in the use of GMOS.  

Last Species On Earth was created during the “Ecologies & Cosmologies: Themed Commission” residency at Trinity Square Video and has been exhibited at Whippersnapper Gallery (Toronto, CA), Société des arts technologiques (Montreal, CA), and MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina, CA).